A Scenic Route

One week from today I will be running in the Steamboat Classic 4 mile race with my sister so I did one last long run today – 5 miles.  Instead of running circles around my tiny town I decided to do something new.  I ran through the park and then out a country road until I hit 2.5 miles and then ran back home.  It was nice to run over bridges and next to mellow cows.  I did 5 miles with an average pace of 9:20.  I am happy with that.

Earlier this week, when it was in the 90’s (now its the 70’s) we made a backyard water slide.  Our neighbors came over to play.  (Side note, G stalks the neighbor boy, looking out the window all day long to see if he is outside playing, constantly asking me what he is doing in house, as if I know.)

Grandma Cheryl came to visit too.


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  1. Mom says:

    How did H like the pool? He’s such the water boy! Hope G. Cheryl gets better! Good for you with the running. Andy and I will be there to cheer you and your sister on!

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