Hot Fun

Monday night John had a softball game.  The boys and I came along.  I won’t say “to watch” because while making sure the boys don’t get into trouble I only see about 5 minutes of the game.  G had lots of fun playing in the dirt with his friends.Remember “Pig Pen” from Peanuts?  Here is his doppelganger.Here G is again, this time channeling Elton John.It has been hot and humid here the past couple of days so we busted out the slip n slide.  G doesn’t want to run and slide but they still have fun.  Random fact: last summer during nap time John and I would play in the slip n slide by ourselves.  I am sure the neighbors thought we were weirdos.  They probably already did though.  I used mow the grass with G in a backpack baby carrier.

Here is some cute to end with.


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