“It was a hundred pounds loud and we had to cover our ears”



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A Scenic Route

One week from today I will be running in the Steamboat Classic 4 mile race with my sister so I did one last long run today – 5 miles.  Instead of running circles around my tiny town I decided to do something new.  I ran through the park and then out a country road until I hit 2.5 miles and then ran back home.  It was nice to run over bridges and next to mellow cows.  I did 5 miles with an average pace of 9:20.  I am happy with that.

Earlier this week, when it was in the 90’s (now its the 70’s) we made a backyard water slide.  Our neighbors came over to play.  (Side note, G stalks the neighbor boy, looking out the window all day long to see if he is outside playing, constantly asking me what he is doing in house, as if I know.)

Grandma Cheryl came to visit too.

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Good House Guest

You know what I love?  A house guest that makes me breakfast when he stays.

Our friend Mark stayed with us the other night and made us breakfast.  Which he has done I think just about every time he has been our house guest!

Remember the dog who ripped her nail off yesterday?  Here she is.

A friend on Facebook suggested that Emma wear and eye patch since I said her leg looks like a peg leg.  As you can tell from the look on her face she is thrilled.  She will be fine though.  Her peg leg bandage comes off tomorrow and she can resume barking at neighbor kids.

It’s supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow so we are planning playing at the splashpad.

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One of Those Days

Have you ever told someone that they can come out of their room when they are calm and quiet only to have them pound on the door screaming “I am being quiet now!”?

Have you ever left some place that required you to put on other peoples’ shoes, chase down babies that try to run into the men’s room, buckled two children into car seats, only to have the older one tell you that he has to go to the bathroom so that you rush back into the place you just left and do it all over again?

Have you ever been eating your lunch and look down and notice there are drops of blood all over the kitchen and living room floors and then discover that your dog whom you just let in has torn off her nail while wildly running back and forth along the fence to bark at the kids playing next door?

Have you ever tried to bandage the foot of a dog that ripped her nail off to discover that you do not have medical tape so you have to use packing tape and your baby’s sock until she can be seen at the vet?

Probably not exactly but if you are a parent I am sure we could trade stories.

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European Vacation Part 1

Almost two months ago John and I took the most amazing trip to visit our dear friends Mark and Krystal who moved to Switzerland a year and a half ago (it seems much longer!).  My amazing husband surprised me at Christmas with tickets.  I wish there was video of me opening the tickets.  I freaked out, I was so excited.  So much that G was a little scared and kept asking why I was yelling.

Fast forward 4 months and we were in Switzerland.  The first day Mark and Krystal met us at the airport and brought us back to their apartment.  We were trying to beat jet lag and since it was morning their time we had to try to stay up the whole day.  The solution?  Hike a mountain.  I was actually pretty excited about this.  I had seen the pictures or previous hikes and it looked cool.

Here’s what it looked like from their apartment.

Krystal was off the hook since she had to work, but John, Mark and I geared ourselves up and set off.  I am serious when I say hiking up the mountain was fun.  We experienced all four seasons in a matter of hours on this hike and for most of the way up the season was summer.  We chatted, admired scenery, and huffed an puffed but in a good way.  About two-thirds of the way up the weather turned fall-ish.  It got cooler and mistier-which turned to drizzle.

The closer we got to the top the more snow patches we ran into.  Mark was right, you would see the summit, hike a long time, and then look again only for it to seem no closer.  After about 3 hours we reached the top where the weather had turned cold, windy, and rainy.  Mark and John took turns wearing the hat they had brought with.We paused briefly to eat the lunches we had brought and then started back down in the wintery weather.  Going down was a whole other animal.  I was not afraid of falling while going up but very much so on the way going down.  Luckily I had on Krystal’s waterproof hiking shoes which were way better than John’s super slick running shoes.  I can’t tell you how many times John and I fell on the way down, me because I was chicken and John because of his shoes.  I don’t think Mark fell once, in fact he probably could have run down the mountain in half the time it took me to pick my way down carefully.  Let me just say that Hitchcock got it right in the movie Vertigo.  I was feeling just like Jimmy Stewart and had to keep my eyes down.  By the time we got halfway down the weather had turned to a drizzly, but warmer, spring.I was so glad we did it, and was especially glad to be done.  If I could choose, I would climb up twice before going down it once.  We had beaten our jet lag since it was evening by the time we were done and could crash without any guilt.  Thus ended our first day in Switzerland.  Stay tuned my next installment, our adventures in Rome.

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Father-Son Camping Trip

John and G went camping Thursday night with their friends Luke and C.  They stayed at Backbone State Park and G got to go fishing for the first time ever.  He was very excited and would tell anyone that would listen about the red and black striped baby fish that he was going to catch.  Well he didn’t catch any this time but he found lots of other critters.

The night was freezing, almost literally.  John said that was pretty miserable and daddy and son ended up sharing a sleeping bag.  They were up early the next day for more fishing and hiking.

They had a great time and I am jealous that I didn’t get to go but the summer has just begun and I am sure there will be more camping trips in our future.

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Elmo Induced Mania

I have to share this picture of G and his friend from Sesame Street Live the other night.  If those aren’t some happy kids . . .

The other day I walked by the bathroom and saw H, in the dark, standing on the stool, brushing his teeth.  It was the first time he has done this on his own and it was pretty cute.

After about 5 minutes I tried to make him stop but he just ran back to the bathroom and cried at the door until I let him back in.  I figure I probably shouldn’t discourage oral hygiene right?  Plus you have to pick your battles.

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